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Mornings.  6-10.

Eddie Barella x Marconi Bologna once co-workers at a bib & diaper manufacturing plant in Hazlehurst, Georgia became friends outside of work later joining forces to become Mood Killers...The rest is history!

FULL NAME: (Bolognious Francine) Marconi.
NICKNAME: "Marconi Bologna"
He's currently working on developing a dating app that helps you find a person you can agree with the same thermostat setting. For every hour he's forced to socialize he needs 5 days to recover. He doesn't like compliments. Which is great because he rarely receives any. ​

Eddie loves to read. His favorite form of fiction is radio disk jockey bios, found on various poorly constructed websites, that lie about said DJ being raised by a pack of wolves. One time he lost a game of parcheesi to Morgan Freeman. That was shortly after hitting his head really hard at Knott's Berry Farm, while crashing a stranger's family outing. 

Here's what Marconi and Eddie are saying about their own show on The Blitz.

"John Paul agreed to have Mood Killers on 101.5 The Blitz as long as we were willing to move his kids into their future college dorms and put together all of their IKEA furniture."  

"The scariest thing about entering the disk jockey dislocation program is never knowing how our wigs will hold up in the humidity."


"Mood Killers is like a buffet of dipping sauces. You'll never know just how bad we are until you've tried us."


"We're proud to give 101.5 The Blitz listeners something new to hate."

"We can't move mountains but we can shift blame. If you don't enjoy Mood Killers it's your own fault... for... not enjoying us. 


"Instead of making a statement about our new morning show on 101.5 The Blitz, Mood Killers would like to use this platform as a community message board.  Did you lose a tooth? We found one on the ground near The Cowlitz Way Bridge.  Let us know at 833-HI-ITS-ME. (833-444-8763). Thanks, Your oral hygiene heroes Marconi & Eddie Morning Mood Killers weekdays 6-10 on SOLID ROCK 101.5 THE BLITZ

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